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To transform routine real-world clinical data into structured information suitable for scientific research and the development of AI tools


Our platform allows the anonymisation, aggregation, annotation and sharing of structured data for medical research whilst maintaining full ownership


Our platform is run by the world’s best AI to gain further insights into the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease

Our platform combines novel technology and life science analytics to generate knowledge and exploit clinical data in its entirety

Manage, curate and post-process clinical data including imaging, physiology and biomarkers


Our platform allows researchers to apply AI to their imaging and clinical data for project-based scientific research


Collaborations with world leading hospitals and academic institutions

Partnership with
pharmaceutical companies

Integration with novel AI software solutions

Data Ownership and Security

Ethical data access and security is our core principle. We are pioneering advanced technology to allow collaborative analytics of clinical data at scale by maintaining ownership and full control

Unlock the power of real world data for scientific research

All in one place


Extract and securely store your data

Privacy by design (on-premise anonymisation)

Ownership of data (users will always control their own data)


Turn your information into structured data

Tag or fully annotate your images on a DICOM-web annotator, or let our imaging experts to do this for you

Our NLP tools will structure your anonymised clinical data


Data are now structured and task ready

Process data with your own tools and train your own AI model

Process data with commercial tools available on the platform


Your model needs to be trained on heterogeneous datasets for generalisation

A federated learning ecosystem allows to scale your model across different institutions

Our Mission

Qureight was founded by clinicians and academics in Cambridge, UK.

We believe that by unlocking the data from a single patient journey we can help many patients. Building a collective data intelligence will improve diagnostics and accelerate new treatments.

Our platform allows users to curate and explore large clinical datasets in collaboration with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and software developers to identify novel biomarkers and better understand diseases and therapeutic approaches.

Our initial focus is in lung diseases including Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and lung cancer.

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